View Full Version : Hayabusa Probably Didn't Get a Sample After All

2005-Dec-10, 08:02 AM
SUMMARY: The Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft has moved approximately 550 km (340 miles) away from Asteroid Itokawa, beginning the journey back to Earth. Unfortunately, it appears that the spacecraft probably failed to pick up a sample from the asteroid. JAXA officials now think that a metal bullet designed to blast material off of Itokawa's surface probably failed to fire. Hayabusa is severely damaged, and will attempt to make the return journey to Earth, but managers aren't optimistic about its chances.

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Eric Vaxxine
2005-Dec-12, 01:42 PM
Even though so much has gone wrong, it still fascinates me that a satellite can rondezvous with an asteroid, attempt to pluck a sample and then come home. Just over 100 years ago the motorised car was new.

2005-Dec-13, 01:57 PM
My hats off and a round of applause for the guys and girls in JAXA. In a job well done although it look grim if it was a succefull retrieval. I am sure there is a wealth of data about ridundancy and what to do when things go wrong. I just find it so fasinating that far away from earth are these little machines.....well in most cases really big ones Iv never seen a sattalite in real life but im always alarmed at seeing the pictures of the clean suite guys next to them and most of the time there really big. LOL any ways those lil/big machines just waiting turning aroung swithing on things, taking picture, shooting stuff, sniffing stuff, flashing and beeping its pretty awsome. Well come on home robot and remember its the blue planet that says EARTH above it. Oh wait thats just my poster

2005-Dec-14, 05:08 AM
Indeed, truly amazing that these things we build are like intelligent specs of dust
when compared to the size of Earth and the Universe as a whole. It just makes one wonder what else might there be drifting around in the heavens being remotely controlled by other, perhaps, more advanced civilizations.........time will time. :)