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2005-Dec-13, 09:53 AM
No not this song (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gary.hart/lyricss/sweets.html)by Sweet Sensation.

I was referring dreams of the obscure

For some stange reason last night, my night was disturbed by dreams around this episode (http://www.tv.com/happy-days/the-spirit-is-willing/episode/20724/summary.html) of Happy days.

The only thing that would have reminded me of that show was a series of adverts by a car company using the tagline Happy deals and digitally reproduced images of the original cast on their new cars.

But why I should dream of that episode, which was creepy, I have no idea.

Is the fact I went searching for the episode guide even sadder?

Does any one else dream of long forgotten specific episodes of long cancelled tv shows?

2005-Dec-13, 10:01 AM
Does any one else dream of long forgotten specific episodes of long cancelled tv shows?

No. You're just crazy.

...Just kidding. I don't dream of long cancelled TV shows (with exceptions), but I do often dream of downright strange and weird things, that's for sure.

Sometimes, when I'm "overclocking" my mental processes, I'll dream about something focused on something... I'll be drawing up a list mentally in the middle of the dream, and throughout the dream, the list changes and it's weird... I feel lke I'm "thinking through" something, but I'm not, really. It's like I'm continually restarting a computer and changing system settings, and then rebooting again and again, and expecting to accomplish something, y'know?

Then there's how I dreamed about Robin Williams, archaeology, silver, and beating up someone I knew...

Then there's... well, a lot of weird dreams. Dreams are weird.

2005-Dec-13, 10:19 AM
What was even worse, was even though I got upthrough the night, when I went back to sleep the underlying feeling was that it was still processing around that particular episode, which was also a ghost story.

When I used to work as a programmer for a financial software company on product support (fault fixing), I used to dream I was in the product or the software development tools. I mentioned this to my line manager and his deputy and I was told that there would be no psychic fixing of logs :eh:

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Dec-13, 06:39 PM
Hey, don't worry about it. I wrote my Latin exam yesterday. Last night, I was trying to translate Latin in my sleep!

2005-Dec-13, 08:05 PM
aiieee! Latin! that's worse than The Wolfman (all the more so because I took spanish in school, not latin)

Oddly enough, I have this recurring dream... large Challenger-class steam locomotive pulls into a station, and millions of spiders get off the train. As though that's not strange enough, the spiders all look like skittles with legs...

2005-Dec-13, 08:24 PM
You're not crazy. Dreams are. They have their way of bringing to the surface long-forgotten memories, so technically just about anything you've ever experienced could show up in a dream! Every now and then someone I went to school with will pop up. Usually it's someone I haven't even thought about for over 10 years, and would have no reason to think about ever again in my life.

2005-Dec-14, 11:28 AM
[edit]Does any one else dream of long forgotten specific episodes of long cancelled tv shows?Sure, they usually involve The Addams Family, and Carolyn Jones in particular.

As a child of the 1940s and 1950s, many of my dreams concerned, and still have to do with, nuclear war. One recurring dream (since c. 1954) has to do with my knowing that the Soviets are about to attack, trying to warn people, and being ignored.

This dream invariably ends up with a scene similar to that in Terminator 2 where Sarah Connor is looking out over Los Angeles, which then is destroyed by a nuclear bomb. In my case, probably due to growing up 35 miles NE of NYC, it's a bluff somewhere along the Hudson where I'm overlooking New York, with lots of power lines and towers all over the place, just before the whole scene goes "poof!" in a nuclear explosion. As I'm being seared to embers and blown to bits, I wake up. Lots of fun for a kid, I'll tell you.


2005-Dec-15, 01:29 AM
There was a dream which I had to keep the borg collective from assimilating the town, or a borg cube landing in a nearby lake. I thwarted the first attemp to assimilate by shooting them with shotguns.

The second didn't go as well, with the cube coming down slowly, I was frantically trying to get NASA's phone number, to tell them to shoot it down,
I was unsuccesful. to be continued...maybe??

Van Rijn
2005-Dec-15, 01:52 AM
I remember nuke war dreams. One time many years ago, I was dreaming that there were nuclear explosions on the horizon, one, two, three ... then there was a bright flash and a huge crash-boom. This was it ... I woke up, and it was the middle of a (very rare for Sacramento) thunderstorm. There were bright flashes through the window.

Two that might amuse BAUTers:

A while back I had an alien invasion dream where a team of us were infiltrating the core of the alien ship/something or other. I was the last one alive and planted a backpack nuke. There was a timer on the bomb, and I was heading out ... but didn't make it in time. I woke up from that dream. As it happens, I had been playing Doom III very late the prior night. I was also too warm. I always get weird dreams when I'm hot. Always.

In another dream some time ago, I won Randi's million dollar prize by moving a ping pong ball with my mind. The best part of the dream wasn't the money, but the thought that the world had changed and imagining the possibilities it implied. Never let it be said that skeptics don't dream, or that we wouldn't be happy if some of these things were true. I woke up briefly from this one too and tried to move something small with my mind. When that didn't work, I turned over and went back to sleep.

2005-Dec-15, 01:55 AM
May the Force be with You , Van Rijn

2005-Dec-15, 02:01 AM
May the Force be with You , Van RijnLOL!

These days, the main thing while sleeping is to be able to use The Force to keep things (especially certain liquids) from NOT moving.


2005-Dec-15, 06:06 AM

It's easy - and counter intuitive. Drink LOTS of water. I go through better than a gallon a day, and sleep like a rock from 02:00 to 07:00 (when I get up and go to work)

Oh, and don't allow glassware with warm water anywhere near you