View Full Version : The saucepan + Orion Nebula

Norm T
2005-Dec-14, 08:40 AM
G'Day all
I managed to take a few shots with my new christmas present (Canon 20D) on the weekend. The first is straight up through the 18-55 lens, 30sec exposure at f5.6. The second through an 8" schmidt-cassegrain, also 30sec.

2005-Dec-14, 11:32 AM
Hi NormT.
Thank you. Your shots are very good.
Great work.
Good luck.

paul f. campbell
2005-Dec-15, 02:22 AM
Hey Norm nice photos take care Paul

Big Brother Dunk
2005-Dec-19, 03:32 AM
Nice shots Norm, thanks.

2005-Dec-21, 10:51 AM
great shots my telescope is not strong enough to pick out the lights in the city