View Full Version : 24 - Series 4. (Spoilers)

2005-Dec-16, 09:38 AM

Okay I have been holding off on this one because I was waiting for tonight's episode to see if it was as bad as I believed it was going to be.

It was.

I'll start with my first gripe about this season. Nuclear Meltdown. This season panders to the Greenie claims that a meltdown will produce a Chernobyl style event, totally ignoring that Western reactors have heavy containment chambers. This is the reason that the 9/11 hijackers wouldn't have even thought about hitting a reactor, they are contained in so much steel and concrete that nothing is going to get in or out. Long Island proved this when its reactor melted down, something that resulted in a nothing but a pool of melted uranium on the floor of the reactor.

Okay so that premise was annoying, but it gets worse.

Computers. Has no one in hollywood ever heard of pulling the plug on a computer? A laptop is deleting files automatically? Pull the plug you fools. Not only that but in Hollywood you can just plug an extenal drive into your computer and have it open up instantly. Computers are all compatable and any operating system is easy to use. Their writters have obviously never talked to a computer tech. And Nuclear Power Plant Computers being controllable via the internet????? From my understanding, these sort of computers wouldn't be compatible with the net, and attempting to make them so and connecting them up in a way that can be controlled would, to me seem lunacy.

Lasty, and this was the big one in tonight's episode. I've been steaming over this for a week, but was waiting to see if the writters really were as stupid as they looked like they were going to be, and yup.....

They had an F-117A shoot down Airforce 1.

Okay so how many things are wrong with that? I'm not sure I can count them, but here's the basic ones.

1 - F-117A's are BOMBERS, not fighters. They don't carry any air-to-air weapons such as a cannon or missiles. This one was specifially stated as carrying standard non-nuclear ordance, thus there is no way it was carrying an air-to-air missile.

2 - The F-117A is not a perfect stealth craft and can be located on radar by those that know what they are looking for. It can also be spotted by visual means and with FLIR, something comes standard in in all Fighters.

3 - The pilot of the F-117A locked onto his target with Radar. Like this isn't going to fire off every warning alarm on the target planes that they are being painted?

4 - The missile was fired from a distance, but still hit before anyone could employ counter measures, even though they had been warned and were supposed to be actively looking for a Stealthed attacker.

5 - Airforce 1's automated and state of the art missile counter measures didn't opperate at all even though it should activate as soon as a missile launch is detected.

6 - The missile hit an escort fighter, but still caused enough damage to Airforce 1 to knock it down. Why was the escort flying that close? Surely you provide a perimiter but at a distance that if you get hit, the plane you are protecting doesn't take damage. I'm not sure that any standard missile would pack enough punch for this anyways as fighter planes have taken near hits without loss of planes.

*sigh* I like 24, it's been a good series in the past and usually they are pretty good with their science, but this season their science and technology have just been tossed out the window to make an "exciting" story. The silly thing is that they could have done similar things and pulled it off. For instance, while it would be a lot harder to have pulled off for the pilot, he could have flown above Airforce 1 and attempted to bomb it. No radar, no missiles to see and counter, just a silent, ballistic pathed, gravity powered weapon that would still have blown the plane apart, and allowed for a really cool, now that's a twist, ending.