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2005-Dec-16, 10:52 AM
Few examples of my transit catches......great fun , but they require quite a bit of planning if , as I do , you intend travelling some distance to get on the centre line.

A good GPS is essential......location accuracy needs to be down to a few metres.;)



paul f. campbell
2005-Dec-17, 12:14 AM
Hi John. Welcome to the forum. Your work is very good, I like your movies.
I have an avi of the sun that I took this summer that shows the ISS going across'ed it from lower right to upper left. Infact I think you show the same film. When I learn how to do movies I will post it. later Paul.

2005-Dec-17, 03:23 AM
Welcome to the forum, satcom. I've seen your site before, keep up the good work. :cool:

2005-Dec-18, 01:32 PM
Thanks for the comments....

Couple more "unconventional" videos here :




which show a fast moving , recently launched comms sat ...Inmarsat 4F2.

Any list members who study orbital mechanics will know how hard it is to acquire ( manually ) a highly inclined geosat...especially when it is also moving just below the geo arc , 36,000 km above the equator :)

Both files about 2Mb