View Full Version : Martian Bacteria Could Be Under the Ice

2005-Dec-16, 02:43 PM
SUMMARY: A study of ice samples extracted from deep underneath Greenland's ice sheet could help scientists recognize methane-producing bacteria on Mars. ESA's Mars Express spacecraft recently turned up evidence of methane in the martian atmosphere. The source of this methane could be from a class of bacteria called Archaea. Although the best place to look for microbes would be from ice several hundreds of metres down, there should also be meteor craters where rock has been recently exposed.

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2005-Dec-17, 03:50 AM
I like the reasoning underlying the theory proposed by this article. I would agree with speculation that archaea could have been transmitted between the 2 planets during the period of heavy bombardment and could still persist there today. I think the authors have outlined the best argument yet to support this kind of theory and most importantly have given us an achievable means to test their theory. I am sure Fraser would agree that this could provide the groundwork outlining objectives for a very important mission to find if there is this methane producing life on Mars.