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2005-Dec-18, 05:30 PM
Hello,i am looking for Artist impressions for the 9 planets or drawings of how it looks like on the surface of the planets in our solarsystem (from mercury until pluto or the tenth planet,and how daylight on the planets looks like ,very bright on mercury and very dim or (near) complete darkness on pluto and the tenth planet. Can you help me to find this on the internet? I hope there are several sites about this. Big thanks and greetings from Denis.

2005-Dec-18, 05:48 PM
I believe NASA has some great links to, for example, the IMAX's feature with several artist's impressions. I'll have to dig around to find the links. I used some of them for a presentation on Terraforming Mars.

Perhaps, someone will beat me to the punch. I leave for work soon.

grant hutchison
2005-Dec-18, 05:51 PM
I can't help you find the pictures, sorry.
But I'd point out that it isn't really particularly dark on the daylight side of Pluto: about the equivalent of indoor lighting. You'd probably find the light reasonably bright, unless you were trying to do fine work, or (if you're getting on a bit in years) trying to read without your reading glasses.

Grant Hutchison

2005-Dec-18, 05:57 PM
David A Hardy (http://www.hardyart.demon.co.uk/pages-gallery/solar1.html) is one of the fellow's I've used for "school assignments". Hardy's website is awesome!

2005-Dec-19, 01:26 AM
Thank you ,that is nice stuff of how the surface of the planets are maybe looking. Greetings Denis.

2005-Dec-19, 07:27 AM
I'll try to find other links, but you know... :)

NASA is your best bet with images. The entire website is awesome with "off-links" (websites like Hardy's). I just wish they wouldn't change their links (after so long). I often save them as favorites to go back and find another. It makes me want to pull my hair out. ;)

2005-Dec-19, 08:01 AM
You probably won't have much luck on the Internet, but I *highly* recommend Hartmann and Miller's "The Grand Tour" (any edition), which you should be able to find at any bookstore, let alone at Amazon.

2005-Dec-19, 08:36 PM
Where can i found the artist impressions (space art) from nasa,somebody has told me that nasa has a site with space arts. Can somebodt help me to find a really good and interesting spacearts site? thanks. Denis.

2005-Dec-19, 08:39 PM
Google (http://www.google.com/) "NASA" and artist impressions! Okay, I'll try again. :razz:

2005-Dec-19, 08:42 PM
Googling NASA & artist impressions (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=NASA+artist+impressions) gives this page. I didn't look around, but click on the NASA links.