View Full Version : how many planets are there where water vapers exists?

2005-Dec-19, 04:38 PM
in such case or where ice vapers are exists on other planets except earth, then in that condition how the colour arc can be seen when sun lights drops on to it. ? 7 colors can also be seen there ?

for the seck the ice caps on the mars may look colourful when sunlight droped on it ?is there any such evidence in the outer world where such seen is in existence ?

sub question : radiation of sunlight can be different on other planets but subject to those planets who are equal or little less distance as the distance from sun to earth ?

2005-Dec-21, 06:58 AM
AFAIK, both Mars and Venus have water vapor albeit very little.

I think the gas giants also have some. Several moons in the outer solar system have ice volcanoes and probably (short lived times) have water vapor before freezing.