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2005-Dec-20, 11:09 PM
SUMMARY: The physical constants of the Universe are thought to have remained unchanged since the Big Bang; many predictions made by cosmologists depend on it. An international team of researchers are using the National Science Foundation's Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) to see if things really have gone on unchanged for billions of years. They're looking to measure two universal constants: the ratio of mass between protons and electrons, and something called the fine structure constant.

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2005-Dec-21, 10:48 AM

It is important to learn that the natural constants have not changed their value since 6.5 billion years. At least they did not change to such an extend as is required by the superstring theory, or by theories on dark energy.
Or not?:hand:

What puzzles me in the article is the sentence: "So far, the scientists' measurements show no change in the constants."
That "so far" leaves a possibility that there might be a change in the value of natural constants with time. This is not a satisfying situation.

The article does not give any information on the limits of precision that were available with the measurements done. I think that many people would like to learn whether the findings indicate that they support the existence of superstrings and dark energy, or whether they don´t. I think I can say we want to know how the universe acts, and what is/was acting in the universe, and if such things like superstrings and dark energy are real, or are just a wild and smashing idea.

Some time ago I read a paper which said that radioastronomical research of distant OH emission has proven that the fine structure constant has not changed its value since billions of years. Such, the article does not provide really new information.

We still have to wait for more results that offer us precise facts.:think: