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2005-Dec-21, 09:59 PM
SUMMARY: Scientists think they might have finally found the wreckage of the ill fated Beagle 2 Mars mission. Grainy photographs from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor show what could be the spacecraft and protective airbag system. Instead of landing flat on the surface of Mars, it looks like it bounced into a crater and rolled around inside. Even though the lander was designed for a rough landing, this was probably more than it could have handled.

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2005-Dec-22, 12:26 PM
If this thing has been found on Mars, then why,oh why, have I never seen the remains of anything mechanical on the moon? ::doh:

2005-Dec-22, 03:34 PM
It is very debatable as to whether this is the Beagle 2 probe. The pictures are totally inconclusive and I for one doubt they show Beagle 2. It may well be a surface feature.

You've yet to see any pictures of any moon lander because as yet, no camera powerful enough to take a picture has orbitted the Moon. One day, one will and confirm the landing sites.

If this is a prelude to you doubting we landed on the Moon, I assure you that we did, and there have been plenty of postings in the 'Conspiricy Theories' section of this forum. You could do a lot worse than click on the Bad Astronomy link at the top of the page too.

2005-Dec-22, 07:53 PM

Although the pictures are far from being sharp, I think they show the wreckage of Beagle 2. This because they show strange features which resemble Beagle 2 in the very region where this spacecraft has actually landed.
I have seen thousands of martian pictures, and none of these showed anything like those which are said to show Beagle 2.

I think, next year we will see pictures of a much better resolution from this site. Now we know where to look.

Hawaii, a telescope of a diameter of 50m is required for a picture resolution which allows to detect something of the size of a moon lander on the moon´s surface, from earth. Such telescopes have not yet been built.

But you dont´t need these pictures. The astronauts placed seismometers at their landing sites which were powered by nuclear batteries which had a life time of six years. Each of these seismometers transmitted lunar "earthquakes" for a period of six years, and the location of these transmitters could be measured from earth. Further, the astronauts placed retroreflectors on the moon´s surface to reflect laser beams from earth back to earth. These beams are regularly used to measure the precise distance of the moon at a precision of less than a centimetre.
Some people who have neither knowledge of nor interest in the scientific work which is regularly done on the moon tend to doubt that any man ever landed on the moon. However, their doubts cannot change the facts, and so nobody in the scientific world cares about these doubts. It is not useful to spend money to prove the existence of things of which you have proof that they exist. Unfortunately, some people are not interested in proofs, they are too fascinated by the wild conspiracy theory which says that the moon landing was a fake.