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2005-Dec-22, 04:28 AM
December 22, 2005 (http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/transport/article334686.ece)
"...In addition to cross-checking each number plate against stolen and suspect vehicles held on the Police National Computer, the national data centre will also check whether each vehicle is lawfully licensed, insured and has a valid MoT test certificate..."

teri tait
2005-Dec-22, 06:02 AM
Big brethern shall soon be politely watching...

2005-Dec-22, 04:11 PM
When I read stuff like this in SF stories in the '50s, I thought "..that's riduculous.." Now i read it in the news and and think "..that's scary.."

I may have to turn in my anglophile card.

Heid the Ba'
2005-Dec-22, 04:21 PM
As long as the bad guys don't run on false plates and change them regularly.

Laminal Cockroach
2005-Dec-23, 12:03 AM
I know this friend who has liek this number plate which appears to be totally white, when a picture of it is taken, provided it is taken by a flash camera.
How are the the police actually gonna do this though? arent they gonna end up spending a bit more money on something less important. well i guess priority differs from person to person....

2005-Dec-23, 02:59 AM
Laminal - yeah - you can buy plastic covers that do that.

As for the Brit thing.. I'm curious - the article says that the camera sites will be monitored by GPS satellites.. that implies that these things are portable.

What's even more frightening is that this is not a violation of any rights (if it were used in the states, for sure - I'm not positive about you islanders). The vehicles are in public places, and only the plate is photographed. So the police know where your CAR was last week, but they can't prove it was YOU who shot the minister based on that evidence.

As for price, well, we're not privy to the numbers they used - and such a system wouldn't be insanely expensive these days. They must feel that this expenditure will be offset by savings somewhere else in police work.

Maybe it's their attempt to do a Lo-Jak system, nation wide...

2005-Dec-23, 03:22 AM
the national data centre will also check whether each vehicle is lawfully licensed, insured and has a valid MoT test certificate..."
excuse me for a second......bwaaaha hahahahahahahahaha...ahem thank you for indulging me.

The relevant departments seem to have enough trouble identifying people and their cars if the owner tells them who they are let alone them using some camera system.
Recently i had to have the details of my car registration altered ( i had bought a new car and needed my name put on the documentation) i also need the adress on my drivers licence changed. Well they sent the stuff out firstly with the wrong name despite my writing and printing the name. Then they sent the stuff to my house (so they must have had the correct adress for it to arrive) but the adress on all of the documents was wrong. Then the 3rd time the sent everything to the correct adress but had a new different incorrect adress on the papers. 4th time lucky in the end. Oh and in the middle of this they told my insurance company (the new car was replacing on that someone trashed) that either i or my car did not exist.
Big brother may be collecting a lot of information but im not so sure it will know how to handle it.

2005-Dec-23, 10:28 AM
Yes, this is yet another high-tech system our 'wonderful' Government wants to throw a few billion quid at until it eventually does half the intended job several years late at three times the estimated cost.

But it involves a massive invasion of civil liberties with loads of fancy buzzwords, and so it must be wonderful. For further examples see the CSA, the NHS computer system upgrade, and, well, just about all of the others.

The problem is that most senior politicians (and this is a cross-party problem, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here) don't have a clue about how technology actually works, and so fall for the spin they get from the lobbyists. So the specifications are based around what they believe is a good idea, rather than how things work in reality. Then they change them every six months, so they look like they're doing things. It really, really isn't a pretty sight.

Eric Vaxxine
2005-Dec-23, 10:38 AM
If you travel by bicycle ...

There's a bit in one of Robert Anton Wilsons novels where the cocaine dealer sends out a dozen vans with 'Carrying Cocaine' written in big letters on the outside. But they are decoys. (I know that isn't an accurate rendition of the story...but I like the idea that you can confuse the system)