View Full Version : Ariane 5 Blasts Off with Two Satellites

2005-Dec-23, 07:31 PM
SUMMARY: An Ariane 5 rocket blasted off from the Guiana Space Centre on December 21, carrying two satellites into orbit: ESA's MSG-2 satellite and India's INSAT-4A telecommunications satellite. Ground tracking stations received good telemetry information from both satellites, indicating they were put into their proper orbits. ESA's MSG-2 will provide high-resolution images of the Earth's weather activity, while INSAT-4A will provide broadcast television and high-speed data services above the Indian subcontinent.

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2006-Jan-03, 05:36 PM
Its always good to hear of succesful rocket launches as far as I'm concerned, and especially in regards to the ESA MSG-2, I hope it provides useful information that can be used to predict disruptive weather systems like hurricanes. The fact that this past hurricane season saw the first ever Atlantic hurricane to make landfall on the European continent means that the timing for the launching of this satellite is magnificent.