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2005-Dec-24, 09:40 AM
Does anybody here watch NASA TV? Is it any good?

2005-Dec-24, 12:51 PM
Sure. Lots of interesting features from projects and missions both current and past. Plus live mission coverage with much less inane commentator chatter (there are few decent TV space reporters nowadays), including the boring parts (silent coverage of flight controllers sitting motionless at their consoles) and interesting parts (downlink of Earth images from payload bay cameras during crew sleep periods, for example).

2005-Dec-24, 03:11 PM
Whenever I try to watch NASA TV the video keeps pausing and it says "buffering". This happens like every 5 seconds (no exageration!). Do you have the same problem over there in USA?

2005-Dec-25, 05:10 AM
tsk - we have no problems in the USA. What ARE you thinking of? :)

what are you watchign on? PC? Satellite? local cable?

(no, NASA TV doesn't give me that buffer warning)

2005-Dec-25, 06:30 AM
It sounds like he's viewing it over the Internet. :think:

2005-Dec-25, 06:36 AM
that was my thought, yeah.. but who knows.. maybe local cable is lamer than Comcast

2005-Dec-25, 06:43 AM
I get the buffer when I try to watch something on dial-up.

I have NASA TV, too. It's a much better reception. I find the time when there is absolutely nothing airing the funniest. All you see is a logo. Or if there is something to begin at 5 o'clock, and you flip to it 15 minutes prior... you just hear folks talking in the background and the "stage".

2005-Dec-25, 06:46 AM
yeah, htat's the stuff you'd hear on regular TV if it weren't for the ads. All kinds of funny things you never see/hear

2005-Dec-25, 04:52 PM
Yeah, I mean when I try to watch it over the internet. Like 4 days ago it was alright but recently it keeps saying buffering. Do you know how i can fix that?
Btw, I use 512 kbps ADSL broadband. I can watch other internet channels easily but the NASA TV seems to have some problems :(

2005-Dec-26, 10:19 PM
I've never tried to interwatch it...Somewhere along the line, though, a router or server seems to be getting overloaded.