View Full Version : mars ice caps can melt and again forms ?

2005-Dec-27, 11:25 AM
i don't know what whether is there on mars, but i have one question:

if the mars has ice caps on its poles then are they melt and again forms ?

is there any detail information?


Nowhere Man
2005-Dec-27, 02:40 PM
Mars does indeed have ice caps, and they have been observed to grow and shrink with the seasons.

However, the ice that comes and goes is carbon dioxide ice, not water. CO2, under Martian conditions, goes directly from gas to solid and back again. There is not enough pressure to sustain liquid CO2.

The water ice at the poles pretty much stays there year round. I don't think much of it melts in summer.

Try searching for "martian ice caps" for more info.


2005-Dec-27, 04:14 PM
thanks nowhere for your reply. the caps are remaining round the year, means it is just an experience like on antarctica where ice year can be seen ! means all other ice maintaing gases are exists on the mars's surface ?