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2005-Dec-29, 11:03 PM
Wish I'd thought of this:

Cash pours in for student with $1 million Web idea (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051229/od_nm/homepage_dc)

If you have an envious streak, you probably shouldn't read this.

Because chances are, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old student from a small town in England, is cleverer than you. And he is proving it by earning a cool million dollars in four months on the Internet.

Selling porn? Dealing prescription drugs? Nope. All he sells are pixels, the tiny dots on the screen that appear when you call up his home page.

He had the brainstorm for his million dollar home page, called, logically enough, www.milliondollarhomepage.com, while lying in bed thinking out how he would pay for university.

2005-Dec-29, 11:14 PM
all I can say is... geeze!

2005-Dec-29, 11:17 PM
Million Dollar Eye-Sore is more like it. ;)

Halcyon Dayz
2005-Dec-30, 01:19 AM
That is one of those ideas that make you think,
that couldn't possibly work.

And now look at it. :wall:

2005-Dec-30, 01:30 AM
I saw that when it was new...

It only had two adds...

I thought it was never going to work...

Laminal Cockroach
2005-Dec-30, 01:36 AM
How the hell is that a successful idea, as my man soylentgreen rightly says it is a million dollar eyesore, how would you ever find something that youare actually looking for there. Alex should supply us with free magnifying lenses everytime someone goes on that website.

2005-Dec-30, 01:38 AM
The kid has $900k sitting in the bank. I think successful is an amazing understatement.

2006-Jan-03, 03:00 PM
I think the lesson here is, if you can get the ball-rolling on something, on the Internet I'm talking about, have some sort of advertising component involved, and are able to go about getting a press release into the right hands, a major media group?, I'm sure there are many more instances of something like this waiting to happen.

It relies on the fact that garnering a lot of to them (companies with large advertising budgets) to splash an insignificant (to them) amount of money on a venture is a better way to go about raising money on a thin idea than trying to get a couple of firms to kick in large amounts of money. The inherent networking effects of the Internet really make this such a good idea.

Its the getting a press-release for the website that intrigues me, because although he got companies to pay him for advertising on his page, he got a large amount of advertising for free, very smart I have to say, and also, one would think, very replicable if in somewhat of a different manner obviously.

2006-Jan-03, 06:33 PM
Ouch, that does hurt the eyes. The thing is with the Web, the more your name gets mentioned or listed on Ďotherí Web sites, the higher search engine bots, like Google and Yahoo, will rate your site. Add to the fact, if this Million Dollar site is getting tons of hits, that will boost advertiserís placement even higher. I doubt most of the advertisers are hoping for to much click through traffic, itís just a novelty and they hope to boost their search engine ratings.

Though, Iíll be damned if ever thought this would work on the Web and wish Iíd tried it! Guess Iíll just stick to my occasional free lance projects.