View Full Version : Dave Letterman and mind control?

2005-Dec-31, 01:19 AM
I’ve been following this story on the news for a week or so....

“But, Colleen Nestler says, David Letterman started telling her things telepathically after she wrote him a letter.

“I know people are going to think this is crazy and far out, but there are ways that have been studied in Russia, psychic phenomena – about how they get into mind control – and Dave is a very clever individual,” she said in an exclusive sit-down interview with Eyewitness News 4.”

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2005-Dec-31, 01:37 AM
The local news is so-far playing this as a straight news story. The really strange thing is that a local judge signed her a restraining order against Letterman...

More on the Judge’s comments here:


2005-Dec-31, 01:45 AM
he's supposed to also consider whether the request has any basis

2005-Dec-31, 01:52 AM
he's supposed to also consider whether the request has any basis

Yes, that’s what I was thinking about it too, but this is a rather strange state.

2005-Dec-31, 01:55 AM
It would not be out of the ordinary here if the judge had read the same book about the Russians that she had read and if he thought that maybe her case did have some basis.

2005-Dec-31, 03:47 AM
I thought Ron Howard was the one with the mind control device ;)

2006-Jan-03, 12:32 PM
Well, you'd have to be able to exert some form of mind control to actually interest me in watching the Letterman show, so I certainly haven't noticed any significant progress in that regard recently............