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2002-Jan-09, 07:19 AM
Can any one explain nuetrino characteristics when ( or if ) they are stationary at the Earth's surface? Particularly, could they exist in groups? ( when not whizzing past detectors close to C )

DO neutrinos react to stimulation from from radiation? If so ( given stimuli to be any spectral make up from ROY to BIV with 1 joule/sec ) , could the result be a white band from ROY to BIV approaching 1 joule/sec.

As you probably conclude there is no explanation for the above conjecture,please share any thoughts about Nuetrinos
as they pervade everyday *HomoSapien time & space.

*HomoSapien Radiate.

The Bad Astronomer
2002-Jan-09, 05:09 PM
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