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2006-Jan-01, 04:45 AM
60 MINUTES - THE NEW SPACE RACE (01JAN06) (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/1998/07/08/60minutes/main13502.shtml)

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006
THE NEW SPACE RACE - The private sectorís race to space is being led by maverick aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan, who foresees thousands of people enjoying the view from space in the very near future. Ed Bradley reports. Harry Radliffe is the producer.
Iíll be watching. :cool:

I never know where to put a story like this. Sorry, if it's in the wrong area.

2006-Jan-01, 04:54 AM
that is a good question... this one almost does belong in teh serious science section, doesn't it? But then, it DOES mention CBS, so you probably picked right :)

Me, I'm saving up my quarters