View Full Version : Breathing in oceans full of air

2006-Jan-04, 11:48 PM

This was interesting to me. Thought I would post it.

2006-Jan-04, 11:55 PM
"I FELT fine until I passed out," says Edward Cussler of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Back in 1980 he had built an artificial gill that extracted oxygen from water. His dream was that the device would one day allow him to breathe just like a fish, giving him an unlimited supply of oxygen while diving.

"I wanted to swim around like a fish," he says. But when he tried out the gill in his lab, he found it didn't provide enough oxygen to support him. "We didn't have quite the capacity to keep me alive," he recalls.
This is priceless, but way cool.

Hugh Jass
2006-Jan-05, 12:05 AM
Went round and round about this with a group of fellow water lovers a few months ago, probably when he announced his intention of making it. Mostly it was lots of that would be really cool, oh what fun. Ultimately the engineers and physiologists in the group came together and were able to quickly explain why it's not the devise, but if you are only pulling out dissolved oxygen, like gills do, rather than separating the water molecule, you'd need hundreds if not thousands of gallons a minute to support a person. Nice to know they were right.