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2006-Jan-06, 06:35 PM
Hi, gang...

A long time ago (during the Mercury program) I was watching television in the den of our house in Georgia. I must have been 4 or 5 because I wasn't in school yet but I loved anything about the space program. Anyway, I remember something to this day. It had to have happened on CBS since that's the only channel we got. I'm not sure whose flight it was, but does anyone remember the network showing the astronaut's heartbeat on the screen, like you would see on a heart monitor? Or did I just dream that? After 40 years, one's mind can wander but I remember this so well.

2006-Jan-07, 07:32 AM
probably John Glenn.
just a guess.

2006-Jan-07, 07:45 AM
It was, if I remember right.

I was in Fourth grade when John Glenn went up.

2006-Jan-08, 05:06 PM
I was thinking Glenn or Carpenter myself. Thanks!