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2006-Jan-06, 08:13 PM
Hi All,

I posted this picture a few days ago as part of another thread, I thought the rest of you might like to see it.

It was taken late November 2005 with a Canon 300d on a Skywatcher Explorer 150 on prime focus, no magnification just the 750mm of the scope. The image was then layered in Photoshop to bring out the detail and enhance the contrast.

I have only been playing with astrophotography since the middle of November so I am sure I can get better as time goes by.

Hope you like it


J. P. Morgan
2006-Jan-06, 09:40 PM
Nice work. Good detail and focus.


2006-Jan-06, 10:54 PM
Steve very nice work !!! and Canon I believe is a best camera for astrophotogrphy job. Try to play more with Curves (take the grey pencil and put it to the various areas of your image) and try to increase the contrast and little more unsharp mask. Can you write please your protocol for this photo!!!

George Tarsoudis