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2006-Jan-10, 01:03 AM
SUMMARY: This beautiful photograph taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope shows a region of space containing one of the largest clusters of stars ever seen. It appears to weigh in at 20,000 times the mass of our Sun, and contains at least 14 red supergiant stars. These supergiant stars are about as large as stars can get, and will die a violent supernova death within only a few million years. Spitzer used its infrared instrument to peer through the thick gas and dust that shrouds the centre of the Milky Way, obscuring them from view.

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Don Alexander
2006-Jan-10, 01:35 AM
Hello, Fraser - slight error!!

The image is from Spitzer, see also the analogous press release on the SST website. I'm not really sure what this has to do with Hubble...

Also note the earlier press release on Polaris on the HST website which came immediately before this one.

Also Spitzer news on the Helix Nebula.

D. A. Kann
TLS Tautenburg, Germany

2006-Jan-10, 05:47 AM
Oops, right. It was actually a little misleading. Especially since it's a Hubble news release. :-) I've fixed the story.