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2006-Jan-12, 11:04 PM

I have taken some advice before about eyepiece projection via a direct SLR camera connection. Using the hartman mask principle I believe I have improved my pictures via eyepiece projection but they are nothing like as good as they should be I have found that on a picture of the moon I get better results without the eyepiece.

Attached are 2 images. The first taken the end of last year was through direct SLR connection, so effectively a 750mm lens. The second image was taken last night through the 25mm eyepiece. The results speak for themselves.

I understand the Tele-view eyepieces are about as good as you can get but the bottom line is I simply cannot afford that much at the moment, maybe later in the year but not now. So what are my alternatives? The eyepieces I have now are as supplied with the scope, a skywatcher explorer 150. Where do eyepieces start to get a little better and a lot better.

Take this page. http://www.sherwoods-photo.co.uk/sky_watcher/skywatcher_fs.html
Would the 'SP - Series' Super-Plossl Eyepieces give me slightly better results or significantly better but not as good as it could be?

Can anyone give me any ideas? I would ideally be looking to spend no more than 50 per eyepiece.

Many thanks


2006-Jan-13, 05:08 AM

IMHO, you can get good results with a digital camera with either approach. The key difficulty is getting to good focus. On your second image, it looks like critical focus is just slightly off the image. Since bits are free, I'd recommend taking a whole series of shots on either side of what looks like best focus. Then you can pick the best one.

Hope this helps.

Clear skies!


2006-Jan-13, 08:40 AM
Belive me I did, this was the best from around 30 images.

2006-Jan-13, 11:21 AM
has anyone any experience with the Meade Series 4000 super plossl eyepieces? Any good? They seem to be a reasonable price.

2006-Jan-13, 08:50 PM
I have this Series and is very good but now I think the new BAADER- HYPERION is the best. Try to see that eyepieces in BAADER site. This eyepiece can very much and with afocal photography!!!

George, sorry for bad English again