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2002-Jan-09, 10:42 AM
Consider this scenario.
Nutrino x resonates along it's trajectory.
Nutrino a intersepts on very shallow vector incidence.
Assume x and b have mass
x + a's seperate oscillatory instances behave like all waves and cancel or reinforce each other ( through G ).

Having created a 'resonant orbital like thingy the two Taus continue to exist as
they continue along single a trajectory similar to there original paths.

Please send me down in flames.

2002-Jan-13, 12:51 AM
From what I have read, while neutrinos have been found to have a very tiny mass, they seldom react with other particles, including themselves, so perhaps that scenario would not occur. However, I am not a neutrino expert (only an avid fan of neutrino science), so I am only writing in response to things which I have read awhile ago.

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2005-Oct-21, 02:40 PM
seems unlikely