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2006-Jan-18, 08:57 PM
A friend of mine who relies on his van to make a living (he's a self emoloyed builder) had trouble with his imobiliser two weeks ago. Basically, it was doing his job too well in that it couldn't be switched off! He looked into it and as it turned out, the problem was with his key. He had to order a new one.

He went to his local parts dealership (a french car firm, the key had to be ordered from them direct) and told him that the key and van needed to be brought along (at great expense to him as the van would require towing) so the thing could be re-programmed.

My friend told them that he'd heard differently, and that he only needed the key. They charged him 87 for the key and delivered it a week late. Now bear in mind that my friend couldn't work as his van was imoblised well and truly! The story gets better. The key came and he picked it up. The thing was the part he'd ordered for 87 was only the top of the key! The metal blade bit was not present! They hadn't warned him of this, imagine if he'd broken the other key blade!)

The story has a happy ending - the immobliser didn't need re-programming, the new half a key did switch it off.

Anyone else been told a pack of lies by a reputable car dealership? (Don't name names, only vague hints please!!)

2006-Jan-18, 10:33 PM
My engine light came on within days after I bought my 99 Chevrolet Tracker in 1999. The Lafayette dealership said it was due to dirt getting trapped in the fuel "thing". Lafayette would simply blow the dirt out with "whatever".

In Illinois, the local dealership has never heard of this. They said I have to replace the $500 USD part plus maintenance fees. I just kept the engine light on, since I was told unless it starts blinking - I'm okay.

Well, Illinois requires one to get their car checked for emissions every two years. They wouldn't even check my car due to the engine light on. I had to have a part replaced that costs me $800 USD. The dealership said there is a 6 month warrantee.

Well, the dang engine light is on again. I will take it to get serviced. Thank goodness, it is within the 6 month warrantee. I'M A LITTLE UPSET THAT THIS DIRT GETS STUCK IN THE FUEL "THING". Why does the car company not recognize this as a problem? I can't be the only one that continually has to deal with this issue.

I'd trade my car in, but I love it so much. :(

2006-Jan-18, 10:39 PM

Mr. Goodwrench.

There is a lifetime warranty on "Mr. Goodwrench" repairs done at GM dealerships.

2006-Jan-18, 10:40 PM
My check engine light comes on periodically. I'm quite sure it's from the oxygen sensor, but I'm not worried. Over 120K on the car, and it runs just fine. Fortunately there are no required checks for cars here in Wyoming.