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2006-Jan-20, 11:45 PM
SUMMARY: Wow, what a response. Over the last 2 weeks or so, my webserver has recorded about 140,000 downloads of What's Up 2006. And that doesn't include all the people who downloaded it from bittorrent, gave it to friends, or hosted it from their own websites. I've posted a new revision to the book, which fixes some mistakes we made in the first version. There's also a link to free sky charts that you can download, provided by our friends at Sky and Telescope. I've got a special page that has downloading instructions and links to the new version and sky charts. Click here to access them.

Thanks to everyone who has given us your feedback so far, we'd love to hear what you think - especially if you've put it to use. If not, get out there and do some skywatching... that's the whole point. :-) Send me an email to info@universetoday.com with any comments, questions or feedback.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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