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2006-Jan-23, 08:48 AM
DEDICATION: REMEMBERING ALL THE HEROES (http://www.goingfaster.com/icarus/all_the_dead_heroes.htm)

What a nice website.

2006-Jan-23, 09:02 AM
"The same Creator who names the stars also knows the names of the seven souls we mourn today. The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to Earth; yet we can pray that all are safely home." -President G.W. Bush, Feb 1, 2003

Humanity often forgets who the true heroes are, but some of us do not. There are no heroes on the football field, there are no heroes on the race track, and there are no heroes shooting hoops. Civilization and society's heroes rise much higher than that.

Goodbye Columbia. Godspeed to the crew.
I just had to add this...

2006-Jan-23, 03:07 PM
We salute all the fallen cosmonauts and astronauts.
Missing Man Formation from a NASA site

Halcyon Dayz
2006-Jan-23, 05:52 PM
Spreading it out over 45 years, it seems there are jobs more dangerous.
But not many.

2006-Jan-25, 02:11 AM
Just to nitpick a little:

March 23, 1961- Russia- Soyuz

Oxygen rich flash fire inside capsule prior to launch

Valentine Vonderenko
The fire didn't break out in a space capsule. The accident happened during an endurance test in a pressure chamber. He threw an ethanol soaked cotton wool cloth used for personal hygiene on a hot stove on which he prepared his meals. It caught fire and the fire spread rapidly in pure oxygen atmosphere. His whole skin was burned, except for the soles of his feet. He was still conscious when they got him out of the chamber, but he died in a hospital several hours later.

2006-Jan-25, 10:50 PM
CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/space/01/25/christa.mcauliffe.ap/index.html) article about a new documentary on the life of Christa McAuliffe

The result is a 75-minute film, "Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars," that was shown Tuesday night at Framingham State College, McAuliffe's alma mater.

2006-Jan-25, 11:05 PM
Dang, that's beautiful, Swift. I really like the photo you posted above, too.

Thanks JMV for pointing out the corrections - big difference, but equally sad.

2006-Jan-25, 11:26 PM
Hail to the heroes.

2006-Jan-28, 09:41 AM
20 Years Later, Teacher's Life Remembered (http://dailynews.att.net/cgi-bin/news?e=pub&dt=060128&cat=news&st=newsd8fdi1mo0&src=ap)

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) It was just as Christa McAuliffe would have wanted. The Concord High School teacher and her six crewmates on the space shuttle Challenger appear chronologically, with no special billing, in a school lesson on space travel.

It was just as she once taught, that ordinary people make history. Except this time, she was the ordinary person and the history was a disaster 20 years ago Saturday that wounded the school and city so deeply that the slightest touch still can bring tears.

2006-Jan-28, 10:20 PM
Challenger Crew Families Mark Anniversary (http://dailynews.att.net/cgi-bin/news?e=pub&dt=060128&cat=science&st=scienced8fdt6q83&src=ap)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - The widow of Challenger's commander laid a wreath of roses and carnations at a memorial honoring fallen astronauts Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the day the space shuttle lifted off from a launch pad a few miles away and blew apart 73 seconds later.

June Scobee Rodgers, whose husband Dick Scobee was the shuttle's commander, recalled waiting for the launch that chilly morning with other family members of the crew, including 12 children.

"Our lives were shattered, but over the years that followed the families persevered with tremendous success," Rodgers said. "I believe those parents launched aboard Challenger would be proud of their children."

2006-Jan-28, 11:57 PM
For Johnny.

Do not despair
For Johnny-head-in-air;
He sleeps as sound
As Johnny underground.

Fetch out no shroud
For Johnny-in-the-cloud;
And keep your tears
For him in after years.

Better by far
For Johnny-the-bright-star,
To keep your head,
And see his children fed.

John Pudney (1909–1977)
(Poet, and RAF intelligence officer 1940-1945)
A true poet, who's words become relevant again in our age.