View Full Version : Is this worth anything?

2006-Jan-23, 08:01 PM
When my notebook went belly-up the salesman told me it still had value as a parts machine to people who do that sort of thing.

It is a 3 year old Compaq model 2105 laptop. The modem and mother board are shot, and he said the hard drive is suspect. The guy told me the screen was the most valuable thing left, and that it was worth $200 or more. The R/W DVD/CD drive is also good. He seemed to think I could put it on e-bay for $300 and possibly get that much for it.

Could somebody who works with these things tell me if it is actually worth anything?

2006-Jan-23, 08:17 PM
Even if the HD weren't suspect, I'd put a 5/8" drill bit through the plates before I'd let it go. I can believe there are some components from machines that old that are still worthwhile. Hardware isn't like software, so its got a much longer shelf life, and a pretty good aftermarket life too. People who don't like to upgrade entire machines will often hit the auctioneers to replace worn parts, rather than buy a whole new notebook (which the corporate machines would just LOVE you to do).

I could also believe that the monitor has some value, since they are some of the easiest parts to break.