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2006-Jan-23, 10:00 PM
Here's a switch from yet another rundown of your own little love-list of favorite sci-fi, to something a little more intriguing, I think...Speculating on others favorite sci-fi films.

It can be based on overt references or subtle inferences. Famous, semi-famous, infamous, your neighbor Joe...whoever. Poignant, funny, sad, sad-but-true...whatever. Just give it a shot.

Though, there's probably no need to speculate on friends whose handles this month are darthfrodo19 or Ben_Browder_Iz_Hot.

I'll start simply...
My cousin JoAnne, who has piles of books on getting in touch with our cosmic brethren and took part in that harmonic convergence some years ago...well, as much a part as one can take by humming for 45 minutes straight on their back porch.
- I know she must have the two-tape special edition video set of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS in her den. I doubt she's seen CONTACT, though.

My friend Chris, who worries about the consequences of any action almost to the point of complete inaction.
- clearly he's a fan of films like THE FINAL COUNTDOWN and TWELVE MONKEYS, he's probably watched SLIDERS too(the early good seasons, that is)

Bill the IT guy at work, who never ever brings any currency to work to use the vending machines.
- This guy has got to be a fan of the STAR TREK universe, at least the economic aspects.

someone famous?...Donald Trump.
- A fan of METROPOLIS no doubt. Just for all the wrong reasons. ;)

Sir Richard Branson?
You know he's gotta be a fan of AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS. And let's face it, he's clearly been watching A TRIP TO THE MOON lately as well.

anyone else care to take a stab?

mike alexander
2006-Jan-23, 11:55 PM
I'm guessing soylentgreen's favorite movie is....


2006-Jan-24, 06:33 AM
I'm guessing soylentgreen's favorite movie is....

Naah.At least this would give some insight into soylent's multiple personalities, since he's made out of...well, you know.

As for his mood at any given time, I'd say it varies from person to person...
(appypollyloggies to Leela...)