View Full Version : why don't arrange the F1 car racing on mars

2006-Jan-24, 12:51 PM
attach some censors on the inner parts of the car, attach some other ccd cameras, attach some radars over cars, and go fast take more photos of mars surface, the car driver will drive with the support of oxygen into it, generate one machine which can creat constant oxygen to provide the drivers, and go as fast as they can on mars, because there is no barrier of trees and buildings and turns, and mars's surface study will be complete in short time, and it will fruitfull of man mission in a day.

go via moon or any other higher place to reach at mars, do some geological excavations on the mars, study the crust of mars, and make your trip fine. later these cars will be fly back to the earth, the cars will just like an amphibion cars means "on the ground and as well as in the air" basis, they will run on the plutonium energy extra super charged turbo jets.

keep a one day competition.

2006-Jan-24, 12:56 PM
Obviously the average race track has as many boulders as Mars. You might get a better return if you'd send a monster truck :).

2006-Jan-24, 12:59 PM
thanks nicolas, can you attach the picture of monster truck?


2006-Jan-24, 12:59 PM
Dakar rally would be a better model for such an enterprise.

2006-Jan-24, 01:02 PM
How this rally can be picturise if it more faster than the monster truck? argos?

2006-Jan-24, 01:09 PM
Something like this (http://www.jalopnik.com/cars/news/dakar-rally-the-most-dangerous-sporting-event-in-the-world-120191.php). Do Google "Dakar Rally" (images). There´s plenty.

2006-Jan-24, 01:14 PM
very fine argos something like this. but i have a question what will be the speed of the vehicle on mars: a. 400kms, b.600kms, c. 800km d.infinite (tick one only). :)

2006-Jan-24, 01:24 PM
The vehicle would be lighter because of the reduced Martian G. Also, the air is thinner, translating into reduced drag. So I think they could be faster than they are on Earth.

Of course this discussion is a little surreal, but it´s fun. :)

2006-Jan-24, 01:33 PM
...because the sponsors couldn't afford to ship the cars there.

2006-Jan-24, 01:53 PM
Hmm. F1s. Let's see:

1) Racing slicks aren't meant to get any sort of traction on dirt/sand. They're made for increased traction on asphalt. There's no asphalt on Mars.

2) F1s don't have enough clearance to do any sort of moving on Martian terrain. The little bit the tires would sink would almost certainly leave the car on its belly.

3) No oxygen (or even air pressure) to speak of, so the engines wouldn't function.

4) F1s are built to be lightweight. Having to haul along canisters of oxygen to both sustain the driver and feed the engine would be somewhat awkward.

5) Gwiz's answer is absolutely bang on.

Nicolas's monster truck idea isn't a bad one. It can deal with the terrain while being strong enough to haul the oxygen it'll need to function. Of course, even this will be a problem, considering Monster Trucks get gas milage in the gallons per mile category.

You know, this thread is giving me fond nostalgia of the Race and Destruction Kit game for the old '64, where these issues were amusingly explored. Imagine an F1 in lunar gravity on an icy track, equipped with studded tires and land mines. Hee hee. As rough as my friend and I played, it was a pretty good race if either of us _finished_, let alone won. Crash Team Racing in combat mode is almost as wild, and we're just as equally matched as we used to be.

2006-Jan-24, 04:58 PM
thanks for the replies, well, moose and gwiz, there will be only spare parts which has to arrange on mars at the time of racing, and if possible the mithane gas will be fill in the gas container of the car to generate energy for the engine to run, its a fun topic and nothing more. :)

2006-Jan-24, 06:44 PM
Except that there are only traces of methane on Mars. :)