View Full Version : Why no Stargate reviews?

2006-Jan-27, 09:13 PM
There are plenty of ST and BSG review sites, notably the excellent Jammer's website (http://www.st-hypertext.com/index.shtml). I can't find any good sites for SG reviews other than Gateworld, which is flimsy on reliability and always features a different reviewer, which means inconsistent style.

I've taken to posting reviews at sg1archive, although they follow the style of The Cynic (http://www.cynicscorner.org/index.html).

2006-Jan-30, 06:16 PM
Lost interest in it years ago. Every alien planet looks like the Canadian woods. Not that I've seen them for myself, I assume that's what it is.

2006-Feb-09, 08:28 PM
(question already mentioned)
+++Whoops!There comes Mr.Jelly!+++!!!!!+++Out of cheese error+++Redo from start+++

2006-Feb-09, 10:29 PM
I am watching it from start to finish.

Into the third season, and each episode seems like a rehash of an earlier one.

The disease episode
The base invasion episode
The alternate reality episode
The flashback episode
The rescue episode