View Full Version : How much life span require to explore our solar system?

2006-Jan-28, 04:28 PM
our life span is limited and if it is of 300,500 years and so on, so how much exactly life span require suppose to explore the whole solar system if man made missions to take into consideration.

we have a age barrier to go across, we have a technolgy barrier to use to explore the universe, the question is not going to solve, "where is life beyond earth", all are curious to hear.

or we are alone in this universe and hence the life span given is limited to stand here?

2006-Jan-29, 06:51 PM
tough time reading your question but if I understand correcltly I would say our likespan was determined based from variables from earth and earth only. There are several animals that have a longer lifespan than we do. They just arn't smart enough to build a space ship. So it was entirely random that we have about 30 efficient useful years.
Considering that aliens have to abide by the law of physics which means they can't go any faster than the speed of light than we could. Then they have to same problem that we do. Really long time between stars.

Technonlogy is the only barrier we have to break we gots to learn how to freeze our self to make the journey at least bearable. I would forget about warp speed or wormholes they aren't comming..

2006-Jan-30, 04:02 PM
thanks bigbluestar for the reply.