View Full Version : A crying shame

2002-Jan-09, 04:16 PM
Im surprised that 'educated' astro physicists
( some of ) can't even contemplate theory which is unproven or outside the standard model.

Particular when the standard model encompasses an area which no experiments have aquired data from and which most mathematical figures are calculated using formulae that most likely have all the variables existing in the 'un observable' part of a model.

Thinking outside the accepted square ( probably a nice set of geeky specs ) has been paramount in the infancy of most branches of say, particle physics etc.

eg: a group of 10 'W' ( imaginary ) particles with attributes similar to N' Tau could exist ...( mathematicly if some kinematic coefficients are substituted with a simple linear formulae ( please dont kill me nudge, nudge ) ) ... as a group of 'peer orbitle objects' where V is 0 relative to
a gravatational body ie. Nutrinos ( or somthing like that ) have landed.

This is absurd, ridiculous and unfounded, now
go away , remember F = M*A and forget
F ( gravational ) = K*number of particles * oscillatory period of somthing / volumetric magnitude of the little lovely. ( or somthing resembling ).