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2006-Feb-06, 06:33 AM
SUMMARY: As rockets go, the Saturn V will remain as the champion of its century. A concerted engineering effort brought theory into the hard cold realm of facts, figures and data sheets. Alan Lawrie and Robert Godwin in their book Saturn V go back to the testing phase of these leviathans and recall the glories when modules passed tests or the tragedies of failures. For behind the roar and the flame of the rocket's exhaust, were countless validations and verifications that ensured this man-rated rocket performed 'nominally'.

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Fr. Wayne
2006-Feb-07, 02:14 AM
An excellent gift for the young rocket scientist in your family. A Free DVD is included. It is good to know that we have these babies rarin' to go just in case. Hope that NASA could use one of these hummers for a big science-based payload beyond this gravity well we call home.

2006-Feb-09, 10:42 PM
Buy **Stages To Saturn** to go along with it. Better pictures and art.
www.astronautix.com Despite Mark Wades t/Space worship and Apollo bashing)

I think there is a detailed CD World Spaceflight News) on the Saturn

Visit www.starshipmodeler.net and visit the Real Space Modeling section--or do a search for Sternbach's website for more Saturn info.