View Full Version : Couple of shows

2006-Feb-13, 06:01 PM
Canada's sci-fi station Space is picking up, what has been billed as the UK's answer to Buffy, a show called Hex. Any comments on this show from those overseas?

A-Channel in Canada (ASN on the east coast) is starting up another run of Charlie Jade (Saturdays 10 pm on A-Channel). For those who haven't seen this yet, here is another chance to see this Canada-S. Africa co-production, which is part detective drama, mixed with a multiple universe storyline. The settings and filming techniques add visually, to a smart story (filmed in and around Cape Town). I believe it has been picked up in E. Europe, S. Africa started airing it earlier this year, as did France. I think I read somewhere it has been purchased for airing in the UK, too. Those that get a chance, I recommend giving it a view.