View Full Version : first Saturn's moon observation

2006-Feb-20, 02:31 PM

Just want to express my joyness that I've been able to see 2 moons of saturn a couple of days ago :)

It might not be a big acheivement by itself, but considering I was using my 3 inch refractor inside my house (was like -20 outside) in my big poluated city, that was quite impressive... for me at least.

Well, that's it and I'm waiting that it get's warmer outside so I can find more interesting stuff. Kinda stuck with Saturn, Mars and Venus so far

Fr. Wayne
2006-Feb-27, 02:46 AM
Good job. Did you find any books that would help you identify which moon was Titan? It's one of my favorites.

Dave Mitsky
2006-Feb-27, 09:16 AM
See http://skyandtelescope.com/printable/observing/objects/planets/article_1139.asp for help with identifying the major Satunian satellites.

Dave Mitsky

2006-Mar-02, 04:29 PM
yeah that's what I used... very useful