View Full Version : The Milky Way Shines in X-Rays Too

2006-Feb-22, 04:01 AM
SUMMARY: Astronomers now know that the haze of the Milky Way is actually the combined light of millions of stars. The Milky Way has a similar haze in the X-ray spectrum, and that also seems to be coming from a multitude of point sources. Astronomers pooled together 10 years of observations from the Rossi XTE orbital observatory, and they were able to determine that the emissions are coming from a million white dwarf stars, and hundreds of millions of stars with active coronas.

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2006-Feb-22, 01:24 PM
One great thing about the increasing data-handling capability we have these days is that it is possible to collect this kind of data and make sense of it. This HAD to have been a mountain of bits to sort.