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2006-Feb-22, 04:24 AM
SUMMARY: The iron meteorites whizzing around the Solar System are probably remnants of objects that helped form the Earth and the other rocky planets. When they fall down to Earth, scientists get an opportunity to study some of the primordial building blocks of our planet. Although many of the Solar System's asteroids are found in the asteroid belt, they probably emerged out of the same disk of planetary debris that formed the Earth, and then drifted out to their current location.

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2006-Feb-22, 01:29 PM
This is an interesting topic. I had wondered how there could have been such significant differentiation as to have allowed the creation of metal asteroids, since I had imagined that this would have required the creation of gravity wells (planets) too deep to have dislodged the central parts of. This study presents an explanation involving solar heat as the differentiaotr, more than gravity.

2006-Feb-22, 04:25 PM
The Sudbury Meteor in Sudbury, Ontario Canada has produced one of the largest and richest nickel deposits in the world. It's surprising to me that more of the meteors haven't been of the iron-nickel type. There must have been a lot more early on to form an iron-nickel core for Earth