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2006-Feb-23, 05:36 PM
SUMMARY: In case you haven't noticed yet, I've redesigned Universe Today... again. I know I do this almost every year, but I just get itchy feet. Anyway, I'm taking an HTML/CSS design course as part of my computer science degree, so I figured I'd put it to good use. Right now on the homepage and the article pages have been redesigned, but I thought I'd get your feedback. Here are some of the changes I made:
- pushed stuff to the sides so you don't have go so far down before reading articles
- spaced out the text on articles a little bit to make them easier to read
- implemented printer templates for everything. Now every page is "printable". Check it out, just click "Print Preview" in your brower and you'll see what it'll look like.

I'm still fine tuning stuff, so please feel free to give me any feedback, suggestions, or complaints. Email me at info@universetoday.com. Once the website's done, I'll update the newsletter, etc.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2006-Feb-23, 06:38 PM
It looks very good! Congratz!

Roy Batty
2006-Feb-23, 06:45 PM
Well I hadn't really got used to the old layout (coming here from BA), but it looks like an improvement so far to me :)

2006-Feb-24, 06:44 PM
No, I had not notices, which means your redesign passes the acid test: It is not confusing.


2006-Feb-25, 10:43 PM
I like the new design - keep up the good work!

2006-Feb-28, 09:14 AM
Frase, I don't have a problem with you redesigning your website once a year - or whenever you feel like it. I would encourage you to do that. Fashions are constantly changing and if you're thinking that its starting to look old and stale - you're probably right, so I would always support and encourage you to go through a redesign whenever you feel like it - it is your site afterall and all of us here enjoy its fruits a great deal.

Thanks mate!