View Full Version : Why Does Universe Today Website Have Bad Template?

2006-Feb-27, 07:42 AM
it just isnt good....

u have to scrool down a whole page to read anything

no offence

:) :) :) ):

2006-Feb-27, 07:51 AM
it just isnt good....
It looks OK to me (Windows XP current, IE 6.0.2900....).

Perhaps you should specify your tools, so Fraser can investigate the problem.

2006-Feb-27, 08:40 AM
Thread moved from Universe Today Story Comments to UT Website Feedback.

2006-Feb-27, 11:12 AM
Isn't this about the UT website... so shouldn't it be in UT website comments?
Or is it BAUT? I'm not sure now :k

2006-Feb-27, 12:27 PM
Whoops, I put it in the wrong section. Sorry.


2006-Feb-27, 09:22 PM
Yes, please email me directly and let me know the problem you're having with the site. Most people think the new templates are an improvement, but I can't test out every browser/OS combination.

2006-Mar-24, 02:53 PM
Do what I do: <ctrl> end brings you to the bottom of the page.

2006-Mar-26, 05:19 PM
the current pattern and the style of the windows are fine one, with a proper alignments of the horizontal windows with descent colors hence I think that no change is necessary as far as design of the site is concern, and what is bad template I think nothing is bad here.( as you opined nonamedude)

the template is quite fine. :)