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2006-Feb-27, 06:17 PM
Looks like there has been a step increase in
the number of guests perusing our words.
I presume someone has drummed up interest.
Or is it a schools thing at this time?

2006-Feb-27, 06:38 PM
I would think a lot of the increase would have to do with all the blog linking and backtracking, and people checking out the forum. All this cross-pollination, so to speak. It looked to me over the weekend that there was on average at least 171 or so people lurking at most times.:think:

But I'm sure Fraser has a better answer for the increase.

2006-Feb-27, 06:47 PM
Actually I remember checking the numbers of
views of my first thread back in Sep 2003. Total
went up by a few each week. Then there were
three occasions when the total suddenly
increased by about 30! I reckoned it was classes
of students telling each other some new
sucker had tangled with Jay.

2006-Feb-27, 06:58 PM
When you look at the Alexa traffic rankings, there's a huge spike for February for Badastronomy.com. I reckon this is due to all the blogs linking and the George Deutsch business, etc. If people like what they see there, they may be looking in here. I haven't looked at UT yet.

I find it interesting, just as I find Merriam-Webster's most looked-up words of the month interesting--they most often tie in to major events and politics. :)

2006-Feb-27, 09:21 PM
Phil and I have been putting in a lot of work to try and increase awareness about the forum, so I guess some of that's having an effect. :-)

2006-Feb-27, 10:41 PM
I'm sure that being slasheddotted didn't hurt (well much) and help bring in a few new lurkers, or new members. :)

2006-Feb-28, 01:19 AM
I'm sure that being slasheddotted didn't hurt (well much) and help bring in a few new lurkers, or new members. :)
You're probably right; now that I'm home I was looking through my links and Slashdot, which links to BA and UT, has a 279 traffic rank with 5,436 sites linking to it. Compare that with BA and UT at 303 and 431 links, so I would think Slashdot is sending a bunch of people this way. Slashdot's three-month increase has been over 500%. I never go there, but I guess it's popular.

Both BA and UT have 3 mo. increases in traffic of over 200%, as well as BAUT Forum. The only thing that is down for all three is "page per views." I know what that technically means, but I wonder why that is. One thing I find interesting is the speed indicator. For instance BA is considered "fast." Is that an important factor to people? It is to me, I hate slow-loading pages, but lots of images will do that, right? So...

It's also interesting to read what other people are saying about BAUT. The positives are that there are a lot of sharp people here, a variety of discussions (not just astronomy), and people will answer questions, even "stupid ones." :razz:

I think it's interesting. I like looking at all the wacky sites, such as Zeta Talk, The Discovery Institute, Godlike Productions, et al, and seeing all their 3-mo. traffic ranks (right now) down. A bit of schadenfreude, I suppose. It's not exact, but I like seeing science sites up and antiscience sites down.