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2006-Feb-28, 04:46 AM
SUMMARY: This is a photograph of Saturn's icy moon Mimas, perched in front of the ringed planet. Mimas is only 397 kilometers (247 miles) across, so it's absolutely dwarfed by Saturn in the background. NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this photograph on January 20, when it was approximately 1.4 million kilometers (900,000 miles) from Mimas.

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2006-Feb-28, 02:42 PM
Once again, the correct comment is: "The planet is more than 300 times as wide as the moon."

In fact, it's more like 307 times, so while the expression "more than 150" is technically correct, it's obvious the writer of the caption confused Saturn's radius with its diameter.

2006-Mar-03, 10:04 PM
Good news, they corrected the original post on the JPL web site! the truth will prevail! woot!