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2006-Feb-28, 03:12 PM
I hope the admins will forgive this promotion. The International Conference of Plasma Science (ICOPS 2006) is being held at Michigan State University, Traverse City, 4-8 June 2006.

One of the sessions is 1.2 Space Plasmas (http://www.icops2006.org/technical_sessions/index.html), organised by Anthony L. Peratt, where you can personally ask him about his publsihed work (http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-abs_connect?db_key=AST&db_key=PHY&sim_query=YES&ned_query=YES&aut_logic=OR&obj_logic=OR&author=peratt&object=&start_mon=&start_year=&end_mon=&end_year=&ttl_logic=OR&title=&txt_logic=OR&text=&nr_to_return=100&start_nr=1&jou_pick=ALL&ref_stems=&data_and=ALL&group_and=ALL&start_entry_day=&start_entry_mon=&start_entry_year=&end_entry_day=&end_entry_mon=&end_entry_year=&min_score=&sort=SCORE&data_type=SHORT&aut_syn=YES&ttl_syn=YES&txt_syn=YES&aut_wt=1.0&obj_wt=1.0&ttl_wt=0.3&txt_wt=3.0&aut_wgt=YES&obj_wgt=YES&ttl_wgt=YES&txt_wgt=YES&ttl_sco=YES&txt_sco=YES&version=1 ) which has been mentioned on this forum, such as:

Galaxy formation simulation based on interacting cosmic Birkeland currents, without the need for dark matter, and producing flat rotation curves
The evidence for electric currents in cosmic plasma
Plasma cosmology

Ian Tresman

2006-Mar-05, 05:22 AM

thanks for the post. the results from this conference should be very interesting indeed.

2006-Apr-19, 09:26 PM
The schedule for this conference have now been posted, including the session on space plasmas (http://www.icops2006.org/technical_program/oral_sessions.html#thu7b).

Papers will be presented by a number of "Plasma Universe" people, and I would urge you all to attend.

Ian Tresman

Van Rijn
2006-Apr-19, 09:39 PM
Sounds good. Hopefully some of the EU/PU proponents will have something to present (with evidence, math and logic) afterwards.