View Full Version : Cepheids Live in Cocoons

2006-Mar-02, 06:29 PM
SUMMARY: The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope Interferometer has uncovered three Cepheid variable stars surrounded by a cocoon of hot gas. Cepheids are known to pulse in brightness at a regular rate, and used by astronomers to calculate relatively nearby distances. As a Cepheid pulses, the velocity of its photosphere changes dramatically. It could be that this envelope is stellar material left behind as the star grows and shrinks.

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2006-Mar-03, 01:35 PM
Cepheids were always intereting to me. Imagining this regular pulsation, and trying to picture what the surface of this type of star must look like. I pictured terrible storms of turbulence as they heaved up and down. Now we are starting to have the capability of seeing the surface of these stars, and learning more about how they operate. These are exciting times.