View Full Version : Andromeda's Origin is Similar to That of the Milky Way

2006-Mar-06, 04:47 AM
SUMMARY: Astronomers have long believed that the Andromeda galaxy had a different upbringing from our own Milky Way, but now it seems we aren't so different after all. An international team of researchers have completed a survey of the metal content in Andromeda's halo, and found that it's relatively metal poor - just like the Milky Way. If both galaxies have the same amount of metal in their halos, that means they probably evolved in similar ways; both got started half a billion years after the Big Bang and grew from a collection of protogalactic fragments.

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2006-Mar-06, 12:29 PM
Interesting to hear that the Andromeda is metal-poor, I wonder how that affects the economics of some of the inter-galactic mining concerns sure to spring up in the far-distant future.

Might we remain a one-galaxy species forever?

2006-Mar-06, 01:52 PM
It makes sense that the two formed under similar conditions. I'd have guessed that most of the larger galaxies in any one cluster formed at about the same time as each other.