View Full Version : Has anyone else read the Starfire books?

2006-Mar-11, 06:43 AM
Crusade, In Death Ground, The Shiva Option, Insurrection

I think these books have some of the best and coolest depictions of interstellar war and space battles I have ever read. If you accept the premises - naturally occurring "warp points" (wormholes) in orbit a few light hours out around stars and reactionless "drive fields" which mess with inertia allowing ships to move at 0.05-0.1C and missles to move at 0.9C - it seems incredibly consistant and realistic. I especially like the way the writers constantly remind us of the scale of the battles. Most battles take place over light-seconds, "mines" are actually mobile missiles they leave floating on automatic because exploding a few hundred miles from the target would be useless, and lightspeed delay a big deal when it comes to coordinated attacks around a system.

One thing I've noticed: although these battles are incredible in a book, if you ever tried to show it on TV there would be nothing to show - the nearest ships are never closer than a few hundred miles, and the missiles are moving at almost the speed of light. It would either be ship... ship... FLASH-nomoreship or looking at the crew's tactical displays. You just can't do that on TV.

Doe, John
2006-Mar-14, 03:16 AM
Read em all. Played the game that orginated the series with one of the authors (David Weber) in college. Unremarkably he kicked my butt in it, mine and everyone else he played against.

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