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2006-Mar-13, 08:31 PM

1 What this hypothesis requires
1.1 Comparison between Cyclical Multiverse Hypothesis and Big Bang / Big Crunch Cycle
1.2 TeraQuasars vs. Black holes
1.3 The Pioneer Anomaly as a possible determinant of Hyperbolic Space-time
1.3.1 Unification of the Gravitational, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Strong forces
1.3.2 A proposed hidden anomaly in astronomical parallax
2 A Fractal Universe and Physical Units
2.1 Gravitational Phenomena
2.2 Electromagnetic Phenomena
2.3 Temperature Phenomena
2.4 Material Phenomena
2.5 Correlations with substance
2.6 Planck units
2.7 Symmetry inside the fractal
2.7.1 7 standard degrees of freedom
2.8 Dimensionless Constants for the Cyclical Multiverse Hypothesis
3 Testing Claims of this Cyclic Multiverse Hypothesis
4 References
5 Footnotes

2006-Mar-24, 03:59 PM
http://academia.wikicities.com/wiki/K._Marinas%27_Cyclic_Multiverse_Hypothesis#The_beg inning_of_this_Fractal-based_Unification_of_the_Gravitational.2C_Weak.2C_ Electromagnetic.2C_and_Strong_forces

In the Cyclical Multiverse Hypothesis, the gravitational attraction of our fractal level becomes a binding force in the higher fractal level that:

opposes a nucleus' tendency to split apart (The Strong Nuclear Force)

becomes the attractive force between protons and electrons (The Attractive Electromagentic Force)

Similiarly, the gravitational repulsion defined by the mechanism above becomes a seperating force in the higher fractal level that:

decays massive particles (such as neutrons) into smaller ones (The Weak Force)

leads to CP-violation in antimatter (The Weak Force)

keeps the nucleus from becoming a black hole (The Repulsive Electromagentic Force)

prevents the electron from merging with a proton (depsite their opposite charge)

puts a limit on the number of electrons an element can have

If the universe were eternal, the weak force would have enough time to accumulate the observed difference between the amount of matter and antimatter. The remaining antimatter would be maintained by natural particle accelerators found inside extreme environments such as the center of the Milky Way.

These become the two fundamental forces (i.e. the binding force and the seperating force) of the universe. Both must exist in order for the fractal universe to be eternal and moderate.