View Full Version : Enceladus Replenishes Saturn's E-Ring

2006-Mar-15, 04:31 AM
SUMMARY: Now that Cassini has uncovered how Enceladus is spewing out water ice from geysers at its southern pole, scientists have an explanation for Saturn's E-ring. This is Saturn's outermost ring, which consists of a diffuse cloud of particles stretching from Mimas to Titan. Cassini's magnetometer matched the signature of the ice geysers to the particles in the E-ring, linking one to the together.

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2006-Mar-15, 08:06 PM
Anyone know (a) the upward velocity of the ice water plume on Enceladus, (b) how this compares to its escape velocity of 212m/sec (c) How it compares to the velocity of magma ejected from volcanoes here on Earth?

Ian Tresmam