View Full Version : Ice Halos and Noctilucent clouds

2003-Mar-08, 02:49 PM
This past week EPOD has been displaying a beautiful series of photographs of halos, corona, ice dogs and other atmospheric phenomena.

2003-Mar-08, 04:48 PM
Cool! Thanks. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2003-Mar-08, 06:16 PM
A couple years ago I woke up and looked out the window and I saw the most amazing noctilucent clouds. It was about a half hour before first morning twighlight. The shining silvery wisps hung motionless high above in the black sky. Amazing stuff. Isn't this like meteorite dust hanging in the upper atmosphere or something?

2003-Mar-08, 09:20 PM
Hey! I didn't know about EPOD! This is great. Thanks for the link!

2003-Mar-08, 11:43 PM
Beautiful pictures, great link. I live in an area where we see sun dogs reasonably often, although I find that while I always notice them and comment to friends, lots of other people would never notice them if you didn't point them out. Makes me wonder how may sun dogs get reported as UFOs.