View Full Version : Hip Hip Hooray! Nasa on its way!

Fr. Wayne
2006-Mar-20, 12:27 AM
See you on the dark side of the Moon :dance:


2006-Mar-20, 01:03 AM
Is the Times of London a reliable source of information?

Fr. Wayne
2006-Mar-20, 01:54 AM
Reliable? No. But definitely Upbeat if premature! And a scoop if correct.

2006-Mar-20, 02:26 AM
See topic Far Side of the Moon (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=39497)

This does sound a bit like a journalistic gee-whiz article touting bits of such old news as spaceref.com: A Closer Look at NASA's New Exploration Architecture (http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewnews.html?id=1069)

The LSAM will also have access to a much wider range of landing sites than did Apollo missions. While Apollo was limited to landing on the equatorial region on the near side of the moon, the LSAM can land anywhere on the moon - including the poles and its farside.
As far as lunar landing options, equatorial only, polar, mid-latitude, and far side were options.
Was there anything new about the lunar manned missions presented at the LPSC 2006?

2006-Mar-20, 02:46 AM
Is the author suggesting this was announced at the LPSC, but somehow nobody else caught it? :eh:

2006-Mar-23, 11:33 PM
Who can say. I just wish VSE would get some respect. No wonder you didn't have the hostility of the scientists against CEV back when it was O'Keefe running his 'spiral' plans. The scientists knew it would never be. Only now that we have a good engineer that actually wants to build things--do they squawk in not wanting to lose influence.

2006-Mar-24, 10:52 AM
Reliable? No. But definitely Upbeat if premature! And a scoop if correct.

Are you kidding me? The Times is probably the most 'establishment' paper in England. It's been published since 1785.

It has the highest readership amongst businesspeople as well as the highest readership in the 25-44 ABC-1 social band.

I can't honestly remember the last time The Times had an embarrassing mistake or was accused of being unreliable.

You aren't confusing it with one of the British tabloids, are you? The Times, along with The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Financial Times is one of the broadsheet 'quality' papers.

Fr. Wayne
2006-Mar-25, 07:56 PM
Yes, you are very correct. I both lumped it with the Guardian and was making a broadsweeping commentary on newspapers in general. For both of these, I beg your pardon and look forward to opportunities to redeem myself. In the mean time, thanks for Monty Python and the British Rock Invasion- just two of the many key non-governmental imports that have changed America for the better.